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About Pitz

Didgeridoo/Yidaki from Arnhemland, Australia, has taken Pitz Quattrone from the Arctic Circle to the Equator performing, recording and passing on his knowledge of this ancient instrument.  Pitz started playing the standard drum kit as a teenager and then later moved on to various percussion instruments.  Since the mid 80’s, Pitz has been professionally involved as an integral member of many projects performing and recording a wide range of musical styles including: Rock, Funk, Reggae, Worldbeat, New Orleans R&B, Jamband, Folk and Hip-Hop.  With the Didgeridoo, Pitz has collaborated with a diverse list of artists that includes: Pete Seeger, Ronstadt Generations, Dark Star Orchestra, Tony Vacca, Vinx, Massamba Diop (Baaba Maal), John Flynn, Entrain, Dom Flemons, Professor Louie (The Band), Guy Davis, Jon Trafton (Strangefolk), Dan Landrum (Yanni), Josh Hisle and notable Vermonters; Dave Keller, Chad Hollister and Shrimp.  At her invitation, Pitz played Didgeridoo to kick off a presentation by environmentalist, anti-nuclear activist, Dr. Helen Caldicott.  Since 1993, Pitz has been immersed in the Didgeridoo around the globe by performing, recording, instructing workshops, leading school programs, teaching “Didge” lessons, creating music with players from countless backgrounds and handcrafting Didgeridoos.  The deep felt connection to the Didgeridoo combined with Pitz’s eagerness to pass on what he has learned about the Didge, has become a mission of his life's work.  Another mission is; Pitz showcases the Didgeridoo in as many musical settings as possible to demonstrate its sonic versatility.  He believes the Didgeridoo is the most musically flexible instrument and can be a critical component to any type of music on earth.  And yet another mission is for Pitz to share the health benefits of listening, playing and absorbing the Didgeridoo.  He does this by teaching sleep apnea sufferers how to play Didge in order to drastically reduce apnea episodes and operates his Didgeridoo Vibroacoustics studio. This is where folks come and lie down on a specially designed sound mattress to listen, soak in and feel the vibrations of a mix of specifically produced music, gathered nature sounds and live roaming Didgeridoo.  Pitz is also out to breakdown and obliterate any and all preconceived notions the public might have of what a Didge player is and does.  As demonstrated in Pitz's video for the title track to his Movin' CD.

Pitz is at home in front of a crowd, microphone or camera and has professional experience in numerous situations. His radio career started in 1990. On the radio he has been creator, host and producer of specialty music shows as well as voice-over/character voice talent in commercials and audio books.  He’s also managed to combine his love of sports and radio by working as a color commentator and play by play announcer.  He’s fluent in Hockey, Football, Lacrosse and Baseball.  Pitz's 3 minute fun, performance video demo reel, click here 

Being a professional performer since the mid 80's has given Pitz a level of comfort on the public stage that can only be obtained in a hands-on environment.  He has also enjoyed being employed as an MC of special events and music festivals.  Pitz has earned an Associate’s degree in Communications, combining TV, film/video and radio structures. www.pitzquattrone.bandcamp.com