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About Pitz

There is only one Pitz Quattrone. Maverick player, builder, and teacher of the ancient native Australian instrument, the didgeridoo. A writer of songs, from tragic to comic, and everything in between. Dynamic frontman, able to bring an audience to its feet, with his singing, playing, and wild rock-funk testifying. Whether manic and hilarious, or serious as a heart attack, Pitz Quattrone is truly one-of-a-kind.

Since the early-1990s, Pitz has been honing his chops and credentials, he has become the 'go-to-guy' for the didgeridoo. In recent years, he has toured from Greenland to Africa and throughout the U.S., performing with top artists such as Ronstadt Brothers, Dark Star Orchestra, Senegalese superstar Baaba Maal’s band, his band The Freelancers, the 2-man band DidgeriGroove and his humorous solo act: Harv Darvis - Inferior Lounge Singer. A feature article in The Huffington Post has further increased Pitz’s international profile.

All the while, Pitz has built a reputation as a learned and inspiring teacher. Able to bridge cultural divides with his quirky enthusiastic energy, Pitz has brought the pleasures of didge playing and building to thousands of kids and adults around the world. By turns hilarious and serious, funky and intense, there is only one Pitz Quattrone. 

Pitz is at home in front of a crowd, microphone or camera and has professional experience in numerous situations. His radio career started in 1990. On the radio, he has been creator, host, and producer of specialty music shows as well as voice-over/character voice talent in commercials and recording projects. He’s also managed to combine his love of sports and radio by working as a color commentator and play by play announcer. He’s fluent in Hockey, Football, Lacrosse, and Baseball. Pitz's 3-minute fun, performance video demo reel, click here.

Being a professional performer since the mid-1980s has given Pitz a level of comfort on the public stage that can only be obtained in a hands-on environment. He has also enjoyed being the MC of special events and music festivals. Pitz has earned an Associate’s degree in Communications, combining TV, film, video, and radio.