Didgeridoo, rock, Vermont, funk, jam band, Pitz Quattrone and The Freelancers, Festivals, supporting act, headliner. Pitz leads the world's most fun live band, Pitz Quattrone & The Freelancers

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There is only one Pitz Quattrone. Master player, builder, and teacher of the ancient Australian instrument, the didgeridoo. Writer of songs, from tragic to comic, and everything in between. Dynamic frontman, able to bring an audience to its feet, with his singing, playing, and wild rock-funk testifying. Whether manic and hilarious, or serious as a heart attack, Pitz Quattrone is truly one-of-a-kind.

After two decades plus of honing his chops and credentials, Pitz has become the 'go-to guy' for didgeridoo. In recent years, he has toured from Greenland to Africa and throughout the U.S., performing with top artists such as Senegalese superstar Baaba Maal’s band, Pete Seeger, Ronstadt Generations, Dark Star Orchestra and as a founding member of meditation ensemble, Sounds of Spirit: Music for the Inner Journey. A recent feature article in The Huffington Post further increased Pitz’s international profile.

All the while, Pitz has built a reputation as a learned and inspiring teacher. Able to bridge cultural divides with his quirky enthusiastic energy, Pitz has brought the pleasures of didge playing and building to thousands of kids and adults around the world and at home in the U.S.

To listen to Pitz's Movin' EP, click here. By turns hilarious and serious, funky and intense, there is only one Pitz Quattrone. 

Pitz Quattrone & The Freelancers are the world's most fun live band! They bring a boldly original musical vision combining Didgeridoo flavored Rock, Funk, Jam, Space, Groov-a-rama with slide guitar, baritone sax and rock solid funky bass and drums featuring Pitz's carnie barker vocals. Infectiously positive, high octane 60 minute live show. Live original hit single. 3 minute Pitz live performance demo reel.

Pitz Quattrone & The Freelancers       


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