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There are many different options to experience the Didgeridoo/Yidaki with Pitz. He is a Didgeridoo performer, teacher, workshop facilitator, school show presenter, instrument builder and session musician. Pitz's one-man show is the smile creating, gyrating experience featuring Didgeridoo, Voice, Percussion and Grooves by Irving. Pitz and guitarist, Chris Robertson are the fun 2-man band, DidgeriGroove. DidgeriGroove blends Didgeridoo, slide guitar, voices, percussion and groves that move. This duo sounds like a full electric band! Pitz leads the way fronting this positive, 5-piece funk rockin' danceband, Pitz Quattrone & The Freelancers. Pitz is a registered teacher in the Sleep Apnea - Didgeridoo Network teaching apnea sufferers (and everyone else interested) in group or one on one settings in person and virtually worldwide via Facetime etc. Pitz can come to your school/camp/library or festival to lead a Didgeridoo presentation. Pitz also loves to add the magic of the Didgeridoo into as many styles of music on earth! A few of the artists he has collaborated with include... Ronstadt Brothers, Dark Star Orchestra, Massamba Diop (Baaba Maal's band & Black Panther soundtrack) along with notable Vermonters; Dave Keller, Chad Hollister and Shrimp. Pitz is also an original member of Sounds of Spirit, a live performance meditation ensemble.